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Moving house notice!

This post will stick around at the top of my journal, hopefully acting as a signpost!

I will no longer be using this livejournal as my fandom journal. Honestly this is not much of a jump for me; everything I write for my current fandom has been posted both to FFnet and DW. So I will no longer be RE-posting those fics over here, which shouldn't be a problem since anyone actually interested in reading them is already following one of those other locations.

I will not be deleting the journal, so everything that's on here will stay, and I will continue to use it to keep up with my friends on LJ. But this does mean that memes, filks, contests and other fandommy things will no longer get posted here! If you are interested in these things, please find me at dreamwidth:


Or if you're here for the Loki-fic, find me on fanfiction.net:

Or even on AO3!
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